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Machined Ferrite

Ceramic Magnetics has broad capabilities for the machining of soft ferrite cores with over fifty machines for round, flat and contour grinding and drilling of ferrite.

CMI carries an extensive inventory of various MnZn and NiZn ferrite stock for fast turnaround of prototypes and production. We can process customer supplied ferrite material as well as other ceramics and glasses. In order to expand our portfolio of services, CMI has strategic partners that provide additional capabilities such as water jet cutting, ultrasonic and laser machining .

Custom Core Machining

CMI's grinding shop capabilities include ID and OD slicing, ID/OD grinding, surface grinding, drilling, numerically controlled end milling, and lapping. Tolerances of 0.001" are achievable, and core sizes range from less than 0.1" to greater than 30". Scaling from prototype to production quantities can be supported.

Core Fabrication 

CMI can fabricate cores to virtually any size. Typical building blocks up 10" x 8" x 2" or 2.5" x 4.5" x 20" are the seed stock for geometries up to 30" in diameter. The ability to press a variety of block sizes allows CMI to quickly produce product to meet our customer's requirements. 


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