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Assembled Devices

Inductive Devices and Transformers 

Ceramic Magnetics has the resources to do custom assemblies of wound ferrite devices. Applications include inductive couplers to couple through a membrane, rotating transformers to communicate to a rotating platform, sensors for eddy current probes, pulse power transformers to 10,000 watts, and plasma generation. Typical applications are non-destructive testing, induction heating, and down-hole oil well data logging.

These devices have solved technical problems in extreme applications on the space station, satellites, proximity sensors, and military systems.

Broadband and RF Assemblies


Ceramic Magnetics offers a full line of ferrite cores for broadband and tuned applications. Cores for both signal levels and power applications are available, serving frequencies from DC to 1 GHZ. We offer the engineer the service of supplying these cores in wound devices and assembled arrays. Transformer types include inductively coupled, transmission line, twisted pair and coax, and hybrid. We help our customers to develop the best possible solution for their application.


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